BIM (Building Information Modelling)

BIM (Builiding Information Modelling)

Silicon Outsourcing is an India based acclaimed firm that has formed its solid grasp into Building Information Modeling. Our services are extended up to the International skyline alongside the Indian stage. The experience and competency of our professionals are something to look forward. It is the excitement and diligent work of our professional team that drives Silicon Outsourcing towards the apex of accomplishment.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has step by step made the amalgamation in Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry at that point how could Silicon Outsourcing remains behind. Silicon Outsourcing is one of the prominent BIM specialist organizations in India, offering top of the line BIM services to our significant customers. We solely practice the start to finish of Building Information Modeling which incorporates the means beginning from an illustrative plan to creation of structures.

BIM Coordination

Silicon Outsourcing has the reasonable ability in 3D BIM model with the affirmation of invalid conflicts, clashes, crashes, and impedance. The hard conflicts are distinguished through the overhauled conflict recognition innovation of BIM while the delicate conflicts are recognized by the space ability and experience of BIM Coordination Services.

Key advantages of working with Silicon Outsourcing:

  • Addressing of spatial issue.
  • Prevention of on location postponements and debate
  • Easy and direct correspondence
  • Faster endorsements and close down
  • Assurance of productive result all things considered
  • Complete bundle of composed conflict free BIM expectations

Our Methodology

  • 3D and 4D CAD Building Models
  • 4D Construction Planning
  • BIM Design Solution
  • BIM Drafting
  • BIM Engineering
  • BIM Interference Check
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • CAD Clash Detection
  • Clash Detection Report

BIM Family Creation

Our BIM technicians offer an institutionalized and standardized BIM Family Creation for construction professionals, and building verticals. We give quick and dependable BIM Family Creation Services for different regions, for example, private, business, modern, institutional, and Public Welfare. We have a profoundly talented and dynamic team of family designers who produce the best of information-rich BIM models for different sorts of structures.

Our BIM specialists create savvy 3D BIM models that contain the data-rich subtleties. We make, gather, institutionalized and oversee BIM content made out of 3D parts, 2D Drafting Details, and task documents. Every one of the components of theBIM services is made with families. We pursue an organized procedure that guarantees the best possible consequences of family documents.

Our Methodology

  • Architecture family creation
  • Customized and Supporting Content
  • Fixtures and Custom Applications
  • MEP Family Creation
  • Model Geometry
  • Object Subcategories
  • Our BIM Family Creation
  • Parameter Planning
  • Selection of Family Template
  • Structural Family Creation
  • Visibility Rules

Scan to BIM

Throughout the years BIM has formed into a creative solution for each issue of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Silicon Outsourcing has additionally turned into a piece of development. Increasingly more development is comparable to increasingly more profitability. One of the most recent improvements in this field is Scan to BIM that offers a transformation of laser scanning technology with a final result of 3D BIM models. The outer and interior laser scanning is connected to construct a precise 3D review moving past in the making of intelligent 3D models. Our Scan to Building Information Modeling (BIM) services incorporates straightforwardness, correspondence, and coordinated effort. Our services are dependable with institutionalized quality and reasonable expenses. It accompanies simple task modification and gives a legitimate help with quick basic leadership.

Our Methodology

  • Scan to BIM Conversion Services
  • Scan to BIM workflow
  • Scan to Revit BIM
  • Scan to Revit BIM
  • 3D Laser Scanning BIM Revit
  • 3D laser scanning survey

As-Built BIM

One of the essential balance for every one of AEC related arrangement started with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Here at Silicon Outsourcing, As-Built documentation is as often as possible utilized that underpins the compelling BIM project execution. As the interest of supportable foundation is expanding, we join As-Built Drawing dependent on BIM structure. An exact As-Built BIM Model is set up for different sort of redesign, retrofit, and repairs. Our As-Built BIM models are outwardly rich and straightforward.

We are perfectly practical in conveying BIM As-Built Drawing got from BIM models or all things considered from different drawings. We fuse every one of the basic data into BIM to produce As-Built BIM Model. It is the main guide to comprehend that if the building needs a remodel. The information after fulfillment can be incorrect and completely intricated. For this situation, As-Built Drawings are utilized to settle this issue.

Our Methodology

  • Conversion from Point Cloud to As-Built BIM
  • Dimensions of a Building
  • Field Verification
  • Laser Scanning
  • Markup Drawings
  • Orthographic drawings
  • Top view diagram

The implementation of Building Information Modeling has become important. It is because of its technique of construction that is increasing rapidly. With this rapid speed, we at Silicon Outsourcing is matching the footsteps to provide the best of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

BIM allows open sharing of information that generates a considerable advantage. It is in the form of cost and value proposition. Silicon Outsourcing helps its clients to provide the best services. The services where from designs to constructions all is influenced by BIM. We cater our BIM services with the aim of great benefits of the client’s part along with savings in resources and time.

Why Choose Us

  • Cost-Effective
  • Streamlined Solution
  • Hi-tech Services
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Qualified Team
  • Professional Service
  • 100% Success Guarantee
  • Time Bound Delivery

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