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CAD Drafting India, Structural CAD Services
CAD Services
civil drawings india,Cad Outsourcing services
Cad Outsourcing services, CAD Drafting Services India
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CAD 3D Modeling India, 2D drafting services, cad conversion India
Computer aided drafting India, Structural CAD Services

2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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Cad Outsourcing services, CAD Drafting Services India
We are so confident about the quality of our services that we can do free pilot project (up to $ 100) without any obligations. No hidden costs is involved. Just drop an e-mail with project specifications!
CAD 3D Modeling India, 2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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Computer aided drafting India, Structural CAD Services
3D CAD Modeling
CAD Design Services
computer aided design drafting, mechanical drafting services
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structural steel drafting , electrical 2d drafting
I was a little skeptical at first, outsourcing work to a company so far way from my business location. I need not have worried! TeNet Software Consult
- Oppo-sites, Cumbria, UK


How do we start?

The initial steps are to send us as:

  • Scope of work.
  • Sketch/Paper Drawings/Reference sample/PDF file/ AutoCAD file.
  • Required Turnaround Time.

How do we communicate?

Our company has electronic feedback system to be in touch with client 24 hours. We also communicate via e-mail to provide each and every detail of project steps. We can always talk on phone, by fax or chat online. Our team of engineers is always available for your query around the clock.

In what format should I send drawing file?

The files can be sent in any graphic format like TIFF, JPEG, and PDF etc. We also take hand sketches, scanned pictures.

Can I mail the paper drawing?

Yes, you can mail your paper for 3D modeling and animation. Paper drawings can also be couriered to our office.

How can I know the cost and time schedule?

Once you provide minimal data or sample of project we can give you a rough estimate and time schedule.

How are the 2D designing and drafting projects executed?

After getting the input data of your engineering drawing and 2d drafting project, we submit a sample project for your approval. Once the sample is approved we start working on 2D drawing and 2D drafting projects and complete it as per your drawing standards and suggestions. The finished project will be sent you in digital format such as dwg, pdf or dxf as per your requirements.

What are the possibilities of our meeting with your engineers?

You are always welcome to meet our engineers. You can discuss any doubt regarding your project with our team. They are always available for your services.

Do your engineers travel to the U.S or Europe or any other country?

They would certainly be available to do so if required.

What is the mode of payment?

Payment can be made in US dollar, Pound sterling or any currency via cheque mailed or by wire transfer to our bankers in India.

What about security of data?

We make best effort to safeguard the computer and paper data files generated in the course of a project for security purpose. We also have back up server for any catastrophic incident.

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