What is KPO ?

Silicon outsourcing firm provide KPO service where KPO is stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing in which knowledge related and information related work is carried out by employee in a different company or by a subsidiary of the same organization, which may be in the same country or in an offshore location to save cost. In the new knowledge market, organization around the glob is facing great challenges like the limitation of process time for introducing products and services into the market and shortage of professional in various knowledge intensive high skill sectors. We support the core function of your business with efficient and reliable KPO solutions.

The KPO involves high end knowledge work for outsourcing such as research and work on intellectual property, equity and finance, analytics, market research and data management, etc. KPO services are highly value added process in which the achievement is highly dependent on the skills, knowledge and experience of people carrying them out. With higher training and attrition costs, a KPO based business faces an entirely different range of challenges and requires all of its workers to possess skills and deliver high quality work.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing focuses on standard process, higher end service which requires advanced analytical and technical skills. It also involves patent document writing, global filing, search, trademark search, trademark registration, etc. Area with significant potential for KPO services includes Computer Aided Simulation & Engineering design, integration & management services, data search, software development services, finical services, biotechnology, professional services, etc.

The succeeding of KPO has a tall potentiality as it is not circumscribed to exclusive Assemblage Subject (IT) or Info Subject Enabled Services (ITES) sectors and includes new sectors equivalent Judicial Processes, Mental Object and Document concerned services, Profession Services, Web Developing sweat, CAD/CAM Applications, Business Search and Analytics, Jural Explore, Clinical Investigate, Business, Industry Investigate (Marketplace explore KPO) etc.


According to a report of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), KPO is expected with great future plans and India will capture more than 70 percent of KPO sector by 2010.This report analyzes the world wide markets for KPO in millions of US$. The services segment of KPO analyzed Animation & Design Services, CAD services, Drafting Service, 2D drafting and 3D modeling services, Software services, Integration & management Services, Engineering & Design services. According to Evalueserve, an outsourcing company having service chart for global world, the global KPO market is expected to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate of 46 percent form $ 1.2 billion in 2003 to $ 17 billion in 2010.

India is a emerging as a leader in KPO services because of following reasons:

  • Well established IT services.
  • Exceptional project management skills.
  • Highly qualified professional
  • Supporting government Policies
  • Talented workforce

The unique capability of the KPO industry to provide benefits to small and medium scale business may derive its growth even faster. Indian KPO sector is also expected to employ more than 250,000 KPO professionals by 2010. According to Evalueserve report, India will capture more than 70 percent of KPO outsourcing sector by 2010. Apart from India, countries such as Russia, China, Ireland, Israel etc are also expected to join KPO industry.

In the prospective, it is envisaged that KPO has a towering potential as it is not restricted exclusive to Aggregation Application (IT) or Message Engineering Enabled Services (ITES) sectors, and includes new sectors equal Rational Dimension overlapping services, Enterprise Explore and Analytics, Jural Research, Clinical Investigate, Publishing, Activity Search (Activity explore KPO), etc.

The projections are based on an educator publisher released by Evalueserve. The production cites reasons for a conceivable KPO happening. It says higher fund by outsourcing knowledge based activities conjunctive with the insufficiency of differentiate talent in developed countries could lead to development in the KPO sphere.