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4D BIM Services

BIM Services - 4D BIM Services - Construction and Scheduling Sequence

Silicon Outsourcing is the leading BIM outsourcing company that has expertise in assisting the team of contractors and sub-contractors when the project is all about having proper details on the construction of the project. This dimension of work is called 4D Building Information Modeling Services.

The entire process of 4D BIM services adds more additional dimension of information in the project that is required and is mandatory in the formation of scheduling data. The in-house team of BIM engineers and BIM experts at Silicon Outsourcing adhere to follow required set of tools and software that assists in working on 4D BIM Services or 4D BIM Construction Services. Not only this the company assures and ensures to provide the 4D simulation and 4D BIM scheduling of the construction sequence that has a report of the complete workflow of the construction process with the information on progress report as well as work conflicts if any.

As the name of the service itself communicates what is the need to hire a 4D modeling service provider, we at Silicon Outsourcing ensure as well as address the need and requirements of our clients. Based on the details shared by the clients, engineers, contractors, and architects, the team of BIM engineers prepares proper 4D planning BIM details that have overall control over the construction project and its regular activities.

Another name for 4D Building Information Modeling Services is termed as the level of “Construction and Scheduling”. The construction of any project only depends on the proper and updated creation of 3D BIM models. With the help of the 3D models and BIM shop drawings, it indeed becomes very easy and convenient for the team of BIM experts to develop as well as create 4D BIM scheduling as well as 4D simulations that require the use of Navisworks software.

Moving further, the undertaking of the service is taken into consideration because based on it the further steps and proper allocation of work is been allotted to the respective team. This means that based on proper 4D planning BIM reports the stakeholders and the project members can proceed further for resources allocation, list of building raw materials, the proper and in channel supply chain of the managerial as well operational work, along with the proper check on risk mitigation.

Silicon Outsourcing 4D Building Information Modeling Services includes,

  • Scan to BIM Services
  • Point Cloud to BIM Services
  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • Revit 4D BIM Services
  • BIM Construction Detailing
  • BIM Consulting

Why Select Silicon Outsourcing as your 4D BIM Services Provider

This is the most common question that arises in the mind of the project owner as to what and why to select an outsourcing company to get the work scheduled or planned for 4D BIM services.

  • Experience for 13+ years
  • Dedicated resources and the team of BIM engineers and modelers
  • Team of 180+ engineers, designers, and drafters
  • Multiple services available at one single roof
  • Use of latest and updated software like Revit, Navisworks, and AutoCAD
  • Delivering the project details within the scheduled time
  • Assurance for data security and confidentiality of the project details of clients
  • Global presence in 6 countries including India
  • More than 11000+ successful project completion
  • 2500+ happy and satisfied clients across the globe

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