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In the construction field, MEP engineering services are considered as the base for any of its services. Silicon Outsourcing is the leading MEP service provider, that assists its clients in providing the widest range of services that are playing an important role for success in the project. The term in the construction industry stands for "mechanical, electrical, and plumbing".

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Firefighting systems are not only the base but also a lifeline of a building. The work of MEP engineering includes the art of planning, managing, and getting the accurate design work accomplished in MEP systems of a building. Moreover, it is a matter of fact that to get details of project clash-free and error-free the best is to outsource the entire MEP services to MEP design company who are specialized in those skills and along with that are having good hands over the use of required software, international standards, and techniques.

It is the team of MEP engineers and MEP engineering consulting firms who understand the need and requirement of the service and play a vital role across all major stages of the construction process. The role and responsibility of the engineers here are to share the report that consists of the estimation of the cost and budget, decision-making process, documentation, administration work, managerial as well as operational work of building, and building maintenance too.

Moreover, the building’s nervous system is called MEP systems or MEP services. The undertaking of the service is to have a responsible feature of a structure that gives comfort and ease to the overall construction work. In other words, we can say that considering MEP service makes the building livable as well as pleasant. No matter whether the client is requiring the service for the single-story home of a 100 story skyscraper.

Thus, without taking proper and well-designed solutions from Silicon Outsourcing firm, the building that is been constructed will only be considered as caves. With the assistance and support given by the MEP engineers, these constructed caves are converted into a place that can be known for its work as well as it will make it the cozy spaces which we all would know and enjoy as well.

Now proceeding further let us check on the components of MEP services;

M - Mechanical: The mechanical work and its design is an important element of a building. The service is taken in order to have the installation of proper heating and cooling systems and also to make sure that the life inside is comfortable and easy to live. With proper implementation and integration of Mechanical 2d Drafting, the respective team is able to set the system in the building that allows its stable process under all types of weather conditions.

The in-house mechanical team at Silicon Outsourcing is having years of experience and is versatile enough in using the latest tools and software that requires Mechanical 3D Modeling, Mechanical 4D Modeling, and Mechanical Fabrication Drawing. Thus, with the integration of all these important elements in mechanical work, the building can sustain well under all weather conditions.

E-Electrical: One of the important part that needs to be taken care of precisely and it is none other than electrical services. No matter whether the construction project is for industrial, commercial, or residential buildings, undertaking electrical work is very much important. Successful integration of electrical systems in the buildings keeps the regular work on-going and keeps the systems running all day and night. Thus, proper planning and lighting design are known as the crucial components when it comes to the electrical engineering process.

Now it is the responsibility of an electrical engineer to make sure that they share the information which is accurate and on which the complete lifecycle of the building can depend on. Based on the process of undertaking MEP shop drawings services the electrical engineer can surmount the details of providing Electric Sub Station Layout Services and Electrical Load Calculation Services so that it becomes easier and convenient for the team to distribute the amount of electricity that is required on each floor, apartments, as well as individual rooms and other spaces.

P- Plumbing and Piping: Do make sure to ask this question to yourself. Without plumbing and piping services where would be the building structure end up? It is the most influential fact that without water, none of us can endure for long. It is the gift of nature that makes livelihood sustainable. The plumbing piping engineering service provided by our engineers is properly been checked and with the use of piping CAD drawing it is been verified and handed over to the team.

Moreover, the engineers here make sure that before the work of installation and assembling of the plumbing piping work is taken ahead, they have a proper piping modeling ready with them, which is error-free and clash-free. Thus, no matter the size of the work is required in the project it is necessary that the team has Piping design services taken well in advance so as to avoid delay in construction work further.

F- Firefighting: The service without which the construction of the building is entirely incomplete. Firefighting is the service that we are discussing along with its need and requirements. As per the latest government notice issued it is now mandatory to have fire safety equipment installed on each floor of the building along with the training being shared by each member of the building.

Why select Silicon Outsourcing for MEP Coordination Services?

This is the most common question that every individual has in their mind, as to what is the need to outsource the work. So, for the same let us share the details with you that will help in clearing all your concerns and doubts.

  • Adherence to the most advanced tools and software, and techniques.
  • Good hands over respective software like AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, Revit MEP, Inventor, Solid Works, and others.
  • Experience for over 13+ years.
  • Global presence in 6 countries including India.
  • The staff of more than 150 engineers, drafters, modelers, and coordinators.
  • Presenting the output within the given interval deadlines.
  • Data-Driven and result-oriented services as per the requirement of the clients.

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