Silicon Outsourcing is an expert engineering organization offers the best of services and solutions. We serve to the client across the wide range of engineering service. We mostly target the goal to be an improvement of engineering efficiency, support the niche globally, and offer sustainable solutions. We are equally active in India as well as a global scenario.

Our engineering pool of talented and dedicated professionals serve in the long term success and fulfillment. Our team is the perfect combination of diversity and knowledge. The technical team at Silicon Outsourcing is composed of significant experience, usage of appropriate tools and platforms, and best project management methodologies.

Structural Engineering

From plan and showing to an examination of past plans and improved documentation, we are talented in various parts of a standard system. Our fundamental highlight will be to appreciate your business targets and the business scene while helping you achieve reduced arrangement process terms and cost declines.

Supporting contractors, engineers, experts, designers, and government bodies, Silicon Outsourcing exceedingly definite, time-bound, and to the point, Services hold quick to all driving overall benchmarks, codes, and practices. Our team of Structural Engineers and designers goes with venture execution.

Our Approach

  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Composite Design Structure
  • Structural Fabrication Drawing
  • Structural Modeling
  • Structure Design Optimization
  • Custom Home Design & Analysis

Structural Drafting

At Silicon Outsourcing, most of our Structural Drafting Services are done by our in-house engineers, which suggests you don't have to deal with the inconvenience of working with re-appropriated professionals.

Working through a team of various specialists like Structural Draftsman, Structural modelers, fabricators, sub-contractors, and makers, we give quality arranging and drafting services to our clients. The expert team at Silicon Outsourcing work in close coordination with our clients with the ordinary intend to offer error-free and exact game plans. Our team is an amalgamation of energetic personality and experienced identities that work with the importance of youth and dominance of age to satisfy the prerequisite.

Our Approach

  • Structural 2D Drafting Services
  • Foundation Plan Sketching
  • Detailing blown-up connections
  • Structural Drafting Drawings
  • Structural Part Drawings
  • Erection Layouts
  • Structural Assembly Drawings

Schematic Structure Design

In the midst of the hidden period of a Schematic Structure Design, Silicon Outsourcing will meet with the customer to fathom the undertaking destinations and essentials. Our team would then have the capacity to lead the reasonable research and convey schematic arrangement plans portraying out the possibility of the structure. These join illustrations, a diagram of conclusive arrangements and distinctive records that plot the scale and relationship of the different fragments of the task. At the point when confirmed by the customer, the task can progress to the structure enhancement arrange.

The schematic Design arrange is key to a productive and advantageous venture. Without completion and cautious plan definition, there is an extending potential for design deferments and extra costs on account of a nonappearance of good information achieving inefficient structure frames.

Our Approach

  • Site Rough Drawings
  • Basic Drawings
  • Master Planning
  • Design Concept
  • Design Brief
  • Preliminary Site Services Layout
  • Proposed Building Engineering Systems

Pre Engineered Buildings

Silicon Outsourcing is uncommonly made Pre Engineered structures to meet client's prerequisite. Our Pre Engineered Building is unmatched in its speed and quality. Structures, to suit specific needs, are arranged, planned, created and conveyed in under before the designated course of events and at a moderate expense.

In the present situation, Silicon Outsourcing constantly bests the rundown in Pre-Engineered Building System with respect to flexibility and total regard planning. Our Pre Engineered Building configuration is, without vulnerability, one of the sharp building systems among their counterparts. It fundamentally offers exhaustive arrangements all under one rooftop. Everything considered, who can contradict a building system that offers speed, quality, and idolization.

Our Approach

  • Primary Framing
  • Secondary Framing
  • Roof and Wall Panels
  • Wall Cladding
  • Structural subsystems
  • Other Accessories

Facade Shop Drawing

Facade Shop Drawings are on a very basic level a guide utilized by undertaking supervisors and installers and outstandingly impacts the approach of the entire task. They also reflect the structure and condition of the building's facade at any and every territory.

Top notch Facade shop drawing from Silicon Outsourcing empowers our customers to obtain auxiliary planning advancement just as utilized by them as a guide for the fulfillment of a productive venture. Our Shop Drawings offer a real impression of the shape and structure of the building fa├žade. We will adjust any arranging of attracting to address a client's issues, in any case, most of our shop illustrations normally consolidate a spreadsheet, venture information, key floor structures, and building statues, diagram rises, and full-scale focal points.

Our Approach

  • Concept
  • 3D Model
  • Structural Loading Analysis
  • Shop Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawing

Why Choose Us

  • Substantial Experienced Team
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Updated Software and Tools
  • In-House Strategies
  • Cost-Effective
  • Qualified Engineers
  • Relevant Design, Planning, and On-site Consultation
  • Evaluation of Project at every Stage
  • Time Bound Delivery

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