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CAD Drafting India, Structural CAD Services
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Cad Outsourcing services, CAD Drafting Services India
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CAD 3D Modeling India, 2D drafting services, cad conversion India
Computer aided drafting India, Structural CAD Services

2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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Cad Outsourcing services, CAD Drafting Services India
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CAD 3D Modeling India, 2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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Computer aided drafting India, Structural CAD Services
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CAD Design Services
computer aided design drafting, mechanical drafting services
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Silicon outsourcing offers Structural Engineering Services to support your organization by providing accurate and cost effective structural Design project. Our structural engineering services can be used for RCC and structure steel detailing plans. We are drawn in variety of Structural Design, Structural Analysis Design, Structural Steel Design, Structural 4D Modeling projects in a number of traditional as well as advanced engineering practices.

Our Structural Engineering Services involves following services:

  • Structural 2D Drafting
  • Structural 3D Modeling
  • Structural BIM Services
  • Structural 4D Modeling
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Structural Beam Calculation

We provide exclusive structure cad services to Building contractors, Structural consultants, Fabricators, Steel Detailers, Architects, CAD solution providers, structural engineer consultant etc.

Structural 2D Drafting and Detailing

Our team of engineers, drafters and designers are also able to work on hand sketch or any concept given by client. We work on input format like dwg, dwf, dxf, images like TIFF, JPEG, PDF FILES, and hand drawn sketches. We provide output format like dwg, dxf, dwf, PDF, TIFF, JPEG as per client's requirement.

We provide cost effective, high quality and time bound services for Structural 2D Drafting and structural cad drawings services.

Our Structural 2D Drafting Services includes following area:

  • Foundation plan.
  • Foundation drawing.
  • Structural layouts.
  • Reinforced concrete detailing.
  • R.C.C. beam framing.
  • Reinforcement Detailing.
  • Fabrication Shop Drawing.
  • Structral steel detailing
  • structral steel fabrication Drawings

Structural 3D Modeling

We create Structural 3D Model of any type building as per your requirements with high quality. Silicon outsourcing is specialized in creating Structural 3D Model. Our expert team is highly qualified and experienced to create 3D Model containing all geometrical and structural information.

Our Structure 3D Modeling Services mention below:

  • Steel Structure
  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Building
  • Special structure like Tanks, canopies etc.
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Wooden frame Structure
  • Panel Structure

Our skilled engineers are also able to provide you Structural Design for commercial building, RCC & structure steel, steel shapes and beams, structural stairs, structural hand railing, beam to BEAM connection etc. Our greatest asset is the highly skilled engineers, designers, draftsmen and analyzers working in our organization for your CAD Services.

Structural Design and Calculation

Silicon Outsourcing have capability to convey high quality time bound shared with cost effectiveness which adds value to our Structural Design, Structural Beam Calculation which provide outstanding results to our clients. We vast experience in structural designing, analysis and calculation which provide focused structural engineering services with a eminence on consequence engineering.

We use structural design software such as AutoCAD, Revit Structure, Tekla, Enercalc, Quick Tools and AutoSketch. Structural design and calculation services includes structural steel design, steel detailing rebar detailing, shop drawings, structure design and analysis, structural drafting, building information modeling(BIM) and 3d Modeling services.

Structural BIM Services and Structural 4D Modeling

Silicon Outsourcing provides structural 3D Model with BIM information which includes detail structural components of structure.

We offer Structural BIM Model seamlessly and efficiently combines 3D geometry, geographic information, attributes and spatial relationships to exhibit the detailing of various structural components in the buildings. Structural 4D modeling include list of various activities particularly their relaxed periods and criticality. We provide structural BIM model has structural analytical lines which are parametric to its component and assist in analysis. We also provide building Lifecycle management by extracting Cost Estimation, Material Quantities and Specifications, Area charts and Time schedules displaying the cycle of activities. We can easily extract Structural 2D drawings of high quality from the 3D Model.

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