A deterioration extent, analysis and nature examination helps Silicon Outsourcing to begin each assignment. The client aesthetic, financial, strategic, technical goals were incorporated to conceive the solution. It includes cost and schedule accurate projection document construction carefully prepared, submitted bids with thorough review and comparison, contractor monitoring performance construction administration process. All these are implementation. For successful project execution thorough preparation is needed “Measure twice, cut once.”

Silicon Outsourcing determines the causes from the observable examination symptoms. Sensible, build able, cost effective solutions are devisable. Constructing estimate cost, time frames, priorities, solutions, readable report for delineating problems that are presented to the client by Silicon Outsourcing. We agree upon project scope which is formalized, review the finding with our client.


Silicon Outsourcing capabilities of investigation incorporate a tool which is a high tech NDE inventory provides us critical information about the building condition and configuration with the minimal disturbance to its fabrics. Meters of electrical moisture and scanner, infrared, delimitation sonic and ultrasonic detection tool, laser levels, bore scopes, hammer of Schmidt rebound and overmaster, and other devices. These are the equipment state art at the disposal used to access and track the masonry, concrete and steel health. The latest NDE method is monitored and apply values of add to our project by us.


Silicon Outsourcing solution of cad design is expressed delineates working set of drawing and specification. In our industry their clarity, precision, and details levels is unrivaled.

Silicon Outsourcing document construction employs a labeling unique system. A label illustrates its specific location, precise materials to be used; work type and its extent, and its proper configuration are received with every item of work restoration. Drawings coordinated to the specifications and “cut-sheet” manufacturer included identifying the product and component which is accepted to it.

Silicon Outsourcing system facilitates bidding among qualified broad field contractors and minimizes the dispersion of price among the bidders. A contractor able to complete the project on time, he knows exactly what is needed and is always within the budget. This system saves the money, time of the client.


Silicon Outsourcing tracks the material and labor cost in unit price computerized database methodically. At any time with similar dozen projects under construction. Our intelligent document construction are linked to the stored cost in the database, we have the ability to calculate the required quantities accurately and quickly. Each restoration item cost in advance bid process.

They generate the bid, design solution with the fiscal projection and budget that are consistent. Our success provides the client with confidence in the tracking cost.


Application of the payment, change orders, contractor submittal, and drawing shop processing- these are included in the administration construction services. Our construction document clarity reduces the contractor likelihood error. To monitor the contractor quality and progress work, our engineer field make regular visit to the site. During construction we protect the interest of the client.