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Building Cost Estimate

Silicon outsourcing which is one of leading outsourcing partner offer Building Cost Estimate Services to construction Company, builders and contractors and civil engineers. Building Cost Estimate is most important in nowadays which gives you detail report of total cost of Construction of Building. Our building cost estimation services includes as per your standards or international standards. Our talented teams of Civil Engineers, mechanical engineers, architectural engineers and detailers who can calculate correct building cost estimate as per your requirement. Our building cost estimate ion services includes construction building like residential high rise building, healthcare buildings, institutional building, industry building, pre engineering building, pre-caste engineering building and many more.

Our building cost estimation services includes:

  • Construction Specifications
  • Tender Documentation
  • Civil Estimating
  • Bill of Material
  • Material Take Off Services

Building Construction Specifications are written document for organizing the graphic information from CAD Drawings. In construction specification we provide entire break up of all interrelated information shown on drawings in Building construction specification which will help traders, contractor and builder to start with project.

We provide standard and customized quantity take off and material take off reports to builder, contractors, owners, architect or civil engineers material supplier for construction projects. Our construction documentation services includes Bill of Material, Quantity take off services, Cost Estimation Services, Tender documentation services.

We offer following Building Cost Estimate services for long term success of your company:

  • Our tenanted team of engineers, drafter and designers do analysis on your record of hand sketches, scanned images, drawings etc. Accordingly building estimation is carried out in terms of cost values.
  • These cost values decided according to 2D drawings consisting of plans, elevations or sections.
  • Our skilled engineers provide 3D model based on the information to provide realistic dimension to the cost of construction of a building.
  • Our expertise will always available for your services to insure you acquire paramount quality building at the least cost.
  • Our expertises collect information on each of the factors that can have an effect on such as materials, labor, location, machinery requirements.
  • Our expert panel count man hours, average labor hours and accordingly calculate price for production.

Our building cost estimation services are provided by architect, structure engineers, civil engineers, Mechanical Engineers, electrical engineers, electronics engineers for respective field work. The project manger will performs a management role with regards to the team of engineers, drafters and designers to dispatch final cost estimate report sheet.

Our time bound services involves following cost estimate outlay:

  • Estimating Basic material costs.
  • Estimating Engineering Activities
  • Estimating production Engineering
  • Estimating manufacturing services
  • Construction services
  • Concrete volumes
  • Steel requirements
  • Reinforcement
  • Brick, plaster, flooring areas.

Our in depth analysis for Building Cost Estimate also involves process of cost analysis. Our expertise tries their best to give you quality at low cost. Our skilled team determines the cost of each element that used in production and calculates cost for each and every phase of production cycle. Once our cost estimate process is completed, we will present you documentation in concise manner which help you through out your whole production cycle.

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