Silicon Outsourcing provides high quality Steel Detailing Services to you serving the residential, commercial, infrastructure and industrial segments of the industry. We use the latest technologies for 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling and structural steel detailing services to create high quality fabrication drawings, Joist Shop Drawing, Handrail Shop Drawing, Stair Shop Drawing. We can deliver detail drawing output in pdf, tiff, plt etc formats.

Silicon outsourcing offers Structural Steel Detailing Services to Architect, Fabricators, Contractors, structural consultants and engineers who connected to steel fabrication and related activities. We provide Structural Steel Detailing services for Industrial projects, Institutional buildings, Power Plants, Manufacturing Pants, technological Structure, Bridges, etc.

Our Structural Engineering Services ranges designing, drafting, and detailing. We are well expertise in Structural detailing services our Structural Detailing Services includes steel structural, R.C.C structures Log structures and many more. If we talk about the detailing services each and every different type of structure has its own requirement to construct the building accurate and error less which saves lots of money time and man power.


Silicon Outsourcing is team of Structural Engineers, Structural Cad Drafter, and detailers. We serve our steel detailing clients as per their requirements. We use AutoCAD 2011, Revit Modeling and Tekla for 3D Modeling which is widely used over all worlds for steel detailing.

Our Sructural Steel Detailing Services includes:

  • Detailed Fabrication Drawing
  • Shop drawing
  • Misc Steel Detailing
  • Joist Shop Drawing
  • 3D Tekla Modeling
  • Handrail Shop Drawing
  • Stair Shop Drawing
  • Tekla Xsteel Detailing

Our Structural Steel Detailing Services also includes Pre Engineering Building Services. We also provide steel detailing services as required country codes as our team is well expertise with international standards like

  • AISC : American institute of steel construction manual
  • AISI : American iron and steel institute specifications
  • MBMA : Metal building manufacturer’s code
  • ANSI : American national standards institute specifications
  • ASCE : American society of civil engineers
  • UBC : Uniform building code
  • IS : Indian standards

4D BIM building information modeling

Our structural engineering service also includes 4D BIM (building modeling services). We provide accurate and intellectual 4D BIM Modeling Services. Our BIM Services includes Virtual 3D Modeling, xtraction of Building Information, Interference Checks and Risk Alleviation, Creation of Intelligent Libraries, Generation of Construction Documents

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is continuously emerging as the most realistic and consistent option available in the building construction industry. With help of 4D Modeling Building Design, construction and management has become an easier and cost effective task than ever before.

BIM provides the potential for a virtual information model to be handed from Design Team (architects, surveyors, consulting engineers, and others) to Contractor and Subcontractors and then to the Owner, each adding their own additional discipline-specific knowledge and tracking of changes to the single model. The result greatly reduces the information loss that occurs when a new team takes "ownership" of the project as well as in delivering extensive information to owners of complex structures far beyond that which they are currently accustomed to having.