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Silicon Outsourcing is the most preferred and trusted organization when it comes to outsourcing facade shop drawing services. The entire process of facade drawing and detailing defines the structure and the shape of a building’s facades. Not only this, the process of facade shop drawings is used by the members who are part of the construction projects. This set of drawings are used by project managers and installers and are being used for the process when the work is related to renovation work, preparing a detailed report of a building, and with that making sure that there is approval being received from local authorities.

The foundation or the base of any facade fabrication process is none other than facade shop drawings or fabrication drawing services. Getting as well as obtaining architectural approval is just a minor part that demands a qualitative approach of facade shop drawing that can help the installers and contractors to work effectively and efficiently. The overall process of facade drawing and detailing services can be considered as the guideline or the roadmap for the project managers and installers. This is due to the high level of significance that gives impact and which is related to the success of any construction or renovation project.

Each side of the facade buildings requires a strong facade wall with an exterior facade design that gives an additional look and feel to the overall structure. Being one of the leading curtain facade services provider company we work as a proper channel for a building that needs to be productive and cost-effective. Our expert team of facade designer and drafters offer fast, reliable, and accurate assistance when it comes to the work of facade drawing and detailing along with facade shop drawing that goes with the team of construction workers, fabricators, and architectural company.

Based on the current market trend and demand of the clients we also assist in providing custom-based facade shop drawings services. This will be with the purpose that maintains the proper channel of interior and exterior climate and that too in a systematic way.

Now when we talk about the term shop drawings, it has a common definition and meaning. Thus, with this said the term “shop drawing” refers to a set of drawings that are considered to be important for the work where the design and drafting require work of prefabricated components. The undertaking of facade shop drawing services along with shop drawings is used for construction projects. In one single word, we can say that these shop drawings are the blueprints or the roadmap to proceed further with the construction and operational work at the construction site.

List of Methods followed by Silicon Outsourcing for Facade Shop Drawing Services

Let us now proceed further and have an understanding of the methods that are being taken into consideration when working on the project that is related to Facade Drawing and Detailing or curtain wall detailing.

Structural Glazing Detailing Aluminium Curtain Walling Systems Unitized, Semi-Unitized Systems Curtain wall (2-Way & 4-Way) Detailing
Metal Composite panel cladding Steel & Green Façade Detailing Aluminum Composite Panel BOM & Fabrication Drawing
Cast Aluminum / Glass Railings & Balustrades Aerofoil & Z-type Louvers Metal Canopies, Doors & Windows and Skylights Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Detailing

Why Selecting Silicon Outsourcing for Facade Shop Drawing Services?

  • Sound knowledge of software, tools, and techniques
  • Experience for 13+ years
  • 100% accurate and data-driven assistance to installer and contractors for facade shop drawing work
  • Required resources and the team of facade engineers and modelers to assist clients as per their need and requirement when working on the project
  • The global presence and working with the motive of 100% accuracy and precision.
  • Instant support and assistance available for on-site and off-site construction plants.

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