Structural CAD Drawings

Structural CAD Drawing At Silicon Outsourcing

Structural CAD drawings are used for Architectural Projects. It is one of the highly specialized sectors in the engineering field. Here the drafters are skilled and have dual sets of knowledge of building structures along with building foundations. We at Silicon outsourcing have efficient structural CAD engineers who understand the need and demands of our clients.

Once we receive the ideas from the client our team translates the engineering layout into detailed Structural CAD drawings. These drawings are more suitable for submission for steel fabrication and erection bidding. We make sure that the drawings are prepared regularly for architectural and engineering clients. These services are not limited to:

  • Floor and Ceiling Plans
  • Roof framing plans and details
  • Structural elevations and cross-sections
  • Detailed wall sections
  • Erection piece details
  • Schedules
  • Foundation plans
  • Foundation details
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Bill of materials schedules

We at Silicon outsourcing make sure that these designs are prepared as per the industry norms and standard guidelines. That includes notations, call-outs, dimensions, symbols and proper welding and finish the annotation, etc. We deliver all sets of professional sets which is required for both large and small projects.

We have years of experience in this field and hence when it comes to Structural CAD Drawings our team is always ready with its innovative ideas and the way to draw it.

Services Offered in CAD Structural Drawings

Silicon Outsourcing always believes in providing the work with complete accuracy. This is because the company believes in having a long-term business relationship. Hence, here is a list of the services which we provide and those are basic services which are required regularly.

  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Civil Designing and Drafting Services
  • Mechanical Engineering Services
  • HVAC Engineering Services
  • Building Cost Estimate
  • Interior and Landscape Design
  • Structural CAD Drawings

Benefits of Structural CAD Drawings

The services of structural CAD drawings perform several dimensional estimations and calculations. It is required at the course of creations of building designs. Well, here you need to provide all the necessary details to get the structure designed. Here is where CAD software comes into existence and helps in developing practical geometric digital drawings.

Apart, manually drawn construction drawings may have many errors. Therefore, CAD software here helps the draftsmen create more precise and accurate drawings. To make construction engineering drawings convenient and faster these automation tools are helpful. It will not be wrong in saying that digitization makes documentation and storage much easier. Hence, be you have any project design your one-stop destination will be Silicon Outsourcing.

Why Choose Us.

For any project, it is mandatory to know the authenticity of the company. So, here are some of the key benefits which you should consider. This will clear all your queries and concerns and hence will be easier to opt for our services.

Key Benefits

  • Competent Resources
  • Seamless Communication
  • Security & IP Protection
  • Fair Pricing
  • Qualified Engineers
  • Cutting-Edge Technologie
  • Client Data Confidentiality
  • Lower Costs / Offshore Rates
  • On-Site Consulting Documentation

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