Silicon Outsourcing the leading cad outsourcing partner also offer Instrumentation Engineering Design and Instrumentation CAD Drawing Services. Our team is expert in using CAD software like AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, Micro Station, Solid works, Pro, Solid edge and many more as per client requirements. Silicon is group of engineers and cad drafter who are expert in Instrumentation Diagram, Technical Drawing Instruments, and Instrument Construction Drawing services.

Our Instrumentation Engineering Services includes:

  • Instrumentation Engineering Design
  • Instrumentation 2D Drafting


A Piping and Instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) is a diagram in the process industry which shows the piping of the process flow together with the installed equipment and instrumentation.

Instrumentation Diagram and CAD Drawing are the process of the industry which process flow of the installed equipment and instrument in the plant. Our engineers having decades of experience with university qualification who can generate Instrumentation Design with cad drawing which are fully editable. Silicon has number of resources and office premises were we can handle any large quantum of projects. Our Mechanical and Piping Engineers are well expertise in Instrumentation Design which involves all algorithms and strategic likes Density, Electricity, Flow, Moisture, Pressure, and many more. Our Instrumentation Design shows Technical Drawing Instruments, Instrument Construction Drawing cold junction compensation for thermocouple, design of charge amplifier, design of transmitters, Pneumatic and electronic controllers.


Silicon Outsourcing is team of talented cad draftsman and engineers having years of experience and qualified from university. Our 2D Drafting service also includes instrumentation drawing services. Instrumentation 2D CAD Drawing services includes each and every detail of equipment install on site with reference to pipe line and plant. Mostly instrumentation 2D Drawings are well used to and are more help full at time of maintains of particular equipment and instrument. CAD Outsourcing Services is also done by Silicon Outsourcing looking for great opportunities of improvisation in the field of 2D CAD Drafting and also with a wide experience in the outsourcing services, we are the leading CAD Outsourcing company. Silicon outsourcing is the right place if you are looking out for perfect 2D drafting or 2D drawings or 2d CAD designs or 2d CAD Services with highly young and dynamically qualified, skilled and experienced professionals.