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Cad Outsourcing services, CAD Drafting Services India
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CAD 3D Modeling India, 2D drafting services, cad conversion India
Computer aided drafting India, Structural CAD Services

2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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Cad Outsourcing services, CAD Drafting Services India
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CAD 3D Modeling India, 2D drafting services, cad conversion India
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Computer aided drafting India, Structural CAD Services
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computer aided design drafting, mechanical drafting services
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Silicon outsourcing is an India based company providing outsourcing services globally to client. Our company focuses on mechanical engineering services that are AutoCAD Mechanical designing and Mechanical 2D drafting, which can give your mechanical design the ledge that you have always been looking for. While doing mechanical design, we do visual representation of detail regarding construction, manufacturing or design subject by engineer. With use of AutoCAD, this task would become more effective and easier. AutoCAD also helps to enhancement of 2D Mechanical engineering drawings, modification, and correction.

We provide mechanical design, Mechanical Engineering Drawings, Mechanical Parts Design, Machine Parts Design, Assembly Design Services, 3D Machine Design, 3D modeling Solid Works, Reverse Engineering modeling using Auto CAD, inventor, solid works and micro station. Our mechanical CAD drafting services focuses on conversion of drawings to CAD formats. Mechanical CAD design involves the resizing, scaling, and remodeling of parts, subparts and assemblies.

Our Mechanical Engineering Services involves following area.

  • 2D drafting services.
  • 3D solid Modeling Services.
  • Drafting of machine components.
  • Mechanical 3d Modeling & Animation
  • Mechanical fabrication drawing
  • Mechanical equipments layout and drawings
  • Mechanical schematics, section and detailing
  • Schematic drawing of HAVC, Electrical, fire fighting, Landscape Drawings etc.


Silicon outsourcing has expert team of Mechanical engineers who has vast experiences in design Mechanical Product Design, Mechanical Parts Design, Machine Parts Design, Assembly Design Services and converting to 3D models with animation working of machine design. Our mechanical team is well expertise in generating detail report of presser vessels, heat pumps, heat exchangers, centrifugal blower. Our team can also convert machine design or machine components in to 3D solid model and animation model which gives fare idea of particular machine design and machine components.

Our company provides mechanical engineering services such as Drawing conversion services, 2D drafting, 3D Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Piping design, value engineering, design for manufacturing. Our expertise’s also do designing for HVAC. HVAC is stands for "heating, ventilation and air conditioning", which includes important mechanical design. The mechanical design of the HVAC system can also affect many other high performance goals, including water consumption (water cooled conditioning equipment).

We also offer mechanical drafting services like mechanical 2D drafting, mechanical 3D modeling. AutoCAD, Revit Structure, Auto Sketch and many more are the software in which our CAD Designers are expert.


Mechanical 2D drafting include services such as paper to CAD, drawing from conceptual sketches, assembly drawings,2D drafting of mechanical parts, mechanical component fabrication drawings, piping and instrumentation diagram(P & ID).

Mechanical 3D modeling service includes 3D Modeling from 2D CAD/scanned/drawings, 3D sectional views, 3D assembly modeling, 3D rendering. We help out you in creating high quality services of any mechanical part or system with absolute customer process based approach. There will be cost reduction along with excellence services.


Silicon outsourcing is team of mechanical engineers who are expert is Designing Mechanical Machines like pneumatic convey systems, dust collector, Blowers, airlock valves and many more. Our mechanical designing also include the 3D Solid Modeling and analysis of the material, strength, Real Time Failure Forensics etc. Our team is also expertise in converting whole 3D Machine Model in to animation which gives the fare idea and real presentation of the working flow of the machine.

Mechanical 3D modeling includes:

  • Analysis with highly non-Linear Material.
  • Analysis with Composite Material.
  • complex Contacts and Assemblies.
  • Analytic Fatigue Assessment/ Real Time Failure Forensics
  • Design and Product Optimization.
  • Thermal Mechanical Metaphysics Analysis.
  • Basic Linear Structural Analysis and Dynamic Response.

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